Writer’s Digest and Me

Right around Christmas I got an unexpected check.  Why F&W Media would be sending me a nice sum for a “Writer’s Workbook” reprint of a CWIM article, I didn’t know.

They have the right to reprint the material as long as they pay me so I knew that was what had happened.  As soon as I got everyone back in school or off to the office, I’d send a few e-mails and find out where my work had or was going to appear.

Then last week, before I had a chance to e-mail, I got a big, beautiful envelope from Writer’s Digest.  My article, “How to Avoid Parenting Your Characters,” is on pages 60 to 62.  Check it out and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of your fellow authors — Jan Czech, Bree Despain, Esther Hershenhorn, A.S. King, Kristin Wolden Nitz, Syndey Salter, and Judy Young. This is especially timely since King  just took a Printz honor.

Isn’t nice when the publishing world delivers a nice surprise to your door step?


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