Goals Deep into January

Last week I learned that a four day work week is no excuse for not meeting my 6000 words/week goal.  We had a snow day complete with a parade of visitor from 7:15 am until 8:oo pm.  I got over 1000 words written that day working in fits and starts although I also shoveled snow for an hour (it was quiet outside).
Obviously, this snow day did not hurt my total word count.  It may have even helped.  I was determined to get things done in spite of the parade.  All in all, I pulled down 7630 words last week.  The one thing on my goal list that I didn’t accomplish was reading the how-to chapter.  I started it later in the week but got hung up on the first exercise which requires me to observe people and how they express various emotions.  This would have been fine the day everyone was here but that’s not the day I did my reading.
School is closed today in observation of Martin Luther King day.  My son spent the night at my sister’s so I’m trying to get a bit done before I go get him.  I probably won’t be getting much done once he gets home — he has a school project to finish and while I’m  not helping with it per se, he is a very group kind of kid.  He wants someone there with him so he’s not suffering alone.  I’ll be in the same room getting a whole lot of knitting done and also folding my laundry and possibly ironing.
I’ll have to hit the ground running tomorrow, because my list of goals is long.  I try for two/day but a few extra crept on to the list.  Wish me luck!
  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey (Done!).
  • 1 review for the Bookshelf (Done!).
  • 1 blog post for Church (Done!).
  • Script rewrites if any are requested (Done!).
  • 4 new scripts (Done!).
  • 2 new chapters for middle grade (in progress).
  • Smooth over problems in first four chapters of middle grade.
  • Read more of the how-to chapter.
  • Picture book to agent which will require a final tweaking of the manuscript.
  • Clean up a pile here in my office (Done!).
  • Brainstorm some new ideas (Done!).
  • Query WD (Done!).

Good luck to all of you in meeting your weekly goals.


PS.  Don’t forget to set some goals.  It really is the first step!