Chronicling America

I still love actual physical archives but electronic archives are also amazing things.

I know I’ve blogged about Chronicling America before (here), but it’s worth noting that the Library of Congress is still building the site up, recently adding an additional 440,000 historic newspaper pages to the site. Is it really worth your while to check it out?  To find out, I popped by to see what they had for St. Louis, Missouri (bearing in mind that these are only offerings whose titles begin St. Louis . . . ).

Not only did I find the St. Louis American and The St. Louis Daily Evening News and Intelligencer, which I already knew about, I also found the following:

St. Louis Commercial Advertiser

St. Louis Commercial Gazette

St. Louis Commercial Record

The St. Louis Journal of Agriculture

The St. Louis Live Stock and Produce Review

The St. Louis Post and Mystic Family

The St. Louis Presbyterian

Still not convinced that it just might be worthwhile?  I actually found something like 29 St. Louis, Missouri based newspapers.  This won’t be their entire content but, given that I didn’t even know that these papers existed 15 minutes ago, it is information I otherwise would not have had access to.

But what about papers from smaller towns?  They also have The Alpine Avalanche from my father’s home town in Brewster County, Texas (current population roughly 5800 in 2000).

Take the time to find out if they have something for the area you are writing about.  You might be pleasantly surprised.