Goals as 2010 Draws to a Close

I didn’t do too bad last week given that I only had half a work week and my car died.  I managed to pull down 6721 words writing various blog posts, working on my outline and writing five scripts.

This week I’m going to try for 6000 words but that may be too hopeful since everyone is home and I really do need/deserve some time off.  Still, there are things I need to do.

  • Write  five  posts for One Writer’s Journey.  This isn’t so tough since I keep a running topics list as ideas make their way into my brain.  (Done!)
  • Write my Prayables post. (Done!)
  • Write my Prayables post for next week to meet new production schedule. (Done!)
  • Write four pieces for a new Prayables feature. (Done!)
  • Rewrite scripts as feedback comes in.  (4 Done.)

In addition to the four things that I need to do, I’d like to:

  • Finish outlining my chapter book.
  • Work on chapter 2.

Posting my goals for a year, I’ve learned a few things.  Posting goals on-line only helps so much because I still tend to use my goals list as a wish list, listing more than I can possibly accomplish.

Yearly goals are far too easy to post-pone and never address.  After all, I’ve got a full year.

Weekly word counts are the goals I am most likely to meet and really should help me meet those annual goals if I would set aside part of my weekly word count to address my annual goals.

So my plans for 2011 include:

  • Come up with a list of goals for the year.
  • Post weekly goals (which I will mark/check off as completed much as I did last week).
  • Make sure that my weekly goals, as often as is possible, include something on my annual goals list.

Hope everyone is enjoying some quiet time this week!