Goals — December just keeps moving along

So, how’d I do this past week?  Lots of rewriting and research but also some good solid writing.  I pulled down 6389 words, just barely besting my 6,000 word/week goal.  Still, this could really add up if I applied it in a focused fashion. “You’d have an entire ya novel in 5 months,” said one of my critique buddies.


I honestly hadn’t looked at it that way.  Nope, no picture view for me.  Just one week at a time and lots of small projects.  But I’ve also been mulling over which project to workshop at an upcoming retreat.  I don’t have a longer (longer than picture book ready) so I’ll just have to do a picture book.

Wait a minute.  If I can do a YA novel in 5 months,  I could do a solid draft of the chapter book I’m working on in a lot less than that.  Let’s see.  6000 words is approximately 24 pages.  I chapter book is 40 – 60 pages.  Hmm.  If I had nothing else to work on, I could rough out a chapter book in about three weeks.  What the heck am I waiting for?  I do have two picture books to rewrite but if I can squeeze in even one chapter a week, I could probably have the chapter book roughed by the end of January.  Do or I don’t I?

Things I need to do:

  • My blog post for Prayables.
  • My own blog posts (5).
  • One or two book review blog posts.
  • Probably another batch of tutorials. I’m waiting for an assignment list.
  • A query or two.
  • Two picture book rewrites.
  • I am very, very tempted to add — a chapter book chapter. My son is getting out of school for Christmas Thursday.  That will make my work time even more dear, but if I can get him on board.  Maybe I’ll let him read each chapter as I write it.  He can be very persistent.  Terrier like even.

Noodle, noodle, noodle . . .