Goals — Where the Heck Did December Come From?


The last month of the year.

The last month to meet your goals for that particular year.

Anyone else panicking at that thought?

I would be except I find myself taking my old familiar stance. “This is why year long goals are  . . . like this!  Just when I’m getting walloped by Christmas and all my clients have realized that the year is almost over and they want their stuff done now . . . then along comes the end of the year.”

Yup.  Each and every year.

Still, I do try to set a few yearly goals.  A few being something less than 4 dozen.  I just feel that if I didn’t set them, then I wouldn’t make any progress.

So, how’d I do last week on my word count?  I seemed to slow down — only 6129 words.  I still met my goal but that’s a lot lower than I’ve been pulling down.  I did spend a great deal of time doing layout and things like that so I was actually busy all week.  Busy, busy, busy.  I wrote blogs (paid and not), rewrote scripts, wrapped up new scripts, finished up and submitted the WOW article and cleaned out the top of my closet.  Yes, I was avoiding another rewrite.  How’d you guess?  And I came up with some calendar ideas for Thriving Family.

This week I have 6 more scripts to write and at least 6 blog posts although 9 would be better.  I need to write another query and maybe get some old things back out.  BUT I need to make myself sit down and work on Felicity’s picture book (see last week’s characterization post).  One critique group meets Thursday and one meets Saturday.  I cannot let such a marvelous opportunity for feedback pass me by.  So off to get 6 blog posts drafted and then see what I can get done today on that picture book.  Fingers crossed!