Open Folklore

Those of you who are folklore junkies need to check out Open Folklore.  Created by The American Folklore Society and Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, this portal provides access to both published (no longer in copyright or freely available) and unpublished (abstracts and syllabus).

I did a search on “tricksters” and received links to an article, a presentation, 3 book reviews, and several pieces published by Trickster Press.

Campbell, as in Joseph Campbell, only yielded one result.  I’m telling myself that they are still getting things up to speed.

The Journals page has links to free content journals including Asian Ethnology, Cultural Analysis, Indian Folklife, Play and Folklore, and  more. If only I didn’t have a deadline to meet!

This is some place that I’ll be visiting again.  Special thanks to Research Buzz for bringing this new resource to  my attention.