Writing Funny


I dare you to write funny!


I love humorous fiction.  Love.  Seriously.  Whenever I’m reading something I think is funny, my poor husband has to put up with me reading aloud.  “You’ve just got to hear this part!”

But writing funny?  Ugh.  I’ve tried but it just doesn’t work.  When I try, things often feel too over the top.  According to Matt Willard, this is probably because it is over the top for the character in question.

Check out Willard’s “Make Your Writing Funny” for some fabulous tips on how to work humor into your fiction.  To an extent, you could apply his advice to picture book writing but this is a must read if you write children’s novels.

Willard firmly believes that your first draft doesn’t have to be funny.  Get to know your characters.  Get the situation down.  Then look for ways to make it funny.

Willard is prepared for your resistance too.  At the end of the article he challenges readers to take the unfunny thing they’ve already written and give is a funny tweak.  Why not give it a try?


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