White Space


Tree #5 by Myoung Ho Lee


Confession time — part of most work days is spent looking at photos.  Sometimes I go to photography web site.  Sometimes I check out what a gallery has posted.  Other times I visit the blog 500 Photographers which is where I saw the work of  Myoung Ho Lee.  The focus of this South Korean photographer is trees and to show them to their best advantage, he raises a backdrop of white canvas behind his subject.

The canvas marks the tree off from its environment.  It makes it more clearly visible.  It emphasizes it.

We also use white space when we write.  How we break up paragraphs can make it easier for our readers to spot the central idea.  To follow from one point to the next.  To emphasize a point, whether it is a sentence or a phrase, we can isolate it by using returns to place it

on a line by itself.

If you write prose, you may not spend much time thinking about this.  You may even think this is the sort of thing that only poets consider.  But pay attention to your white space and you may learn something about how you set up your work.


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