The Death of Nonfiction

A lot has been said lately about the death of nonfiction.  It seems that many authors are concerned that with our hyper-connected culture, print nonfiction is a thing of the past.  Young readers will simply go online for their facts.

To a point, I think this is true.  Short nonfiction on a variety of topics is not as necessary as it once was.  By the time a 500 word book on Saturn goes to print, some probe or another has found information that was completely unimagined when this manuscript was submitted.

But nonfiction is going strong.  When I work the book fairs at my son’s school, I watch the boys streaming back to the cash registers with nonfiction titles tucked under their arms.  They want joke books and magic books.  Collections are hot especially if they are vaguely themed collections of scary  or disgusting topics.  Want to know what is big?  Check out my coffee table.  You’ll find books on wizards and knights, ancient Egypt and battles.  Nonfiction has to be exciting and fun and if you can write that you can still find a print market for your work.

It may not be what was being printed when you were in school but things change.  Our homes have changed.  Our clothes have changed.  Medicine?  That’s changed too.  Why shouldn’t are books change to fit into this amazing world?


2 thoughts on “The Death of Nonfiction

  1. Hi Sue,
    I enjoyed this post, and I completely agree with you. My stepson also gravitates toward nonfiction books on rockets and airplanes and robots. Of course, he also loves Star Wars graphic novels. 😉

    1. My son prefers Mathew Reinhart’s Star Wars pop up to the graphic novels but he also has a WWII spotters guide and various nonfiction on WWII air craft. Boys love their nonfiction.

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