Goals: Wrapping Up September

Whew.  What a busy writing week I had last week.  I managed to rack up 8500 words, surpassing my 6000 words/6 days goals.  Hurray!   I really do think that posting my goals over my desk is helping.  So is having so many deadlines — thank you to my editors!

Last week I roughed the Mo SCBWI newsletter which I am going to take to final and post this week.  I wrote my blogs.  I rewrote a picture book manuscript.  And I also wrote 6 new video scripts.

This week I’ve got more blog posts to write, 6 new scripts and I want to do at least one more draft on that picture book.  AND I want to get a new query or two out and circulating.  I read copies of my target magazines last week but this week I want to write the actual letters.

Fingers cross that this is a super productive week.  I may have to unplug the phone.