How To Export Your Bloglines Subscription has decided to shut down as of October 1, 2010.

This of course means that all of us using Bloglines need to find a new aggregator to keep track of the many (304 for me) blogs that we read regularly.

I chose Google Reader simply because I already use Google for several other things.  I am hoping that their size will also grant a certain amount of stability.  Fingers crossed.

If you are using Bloglines and need to subscribe to another reader, it is fairly easy but, at least for me, didn’t quite follow their instructions.  Ahem.  Here is how I did it:

  • After you log into your Bloglines account, select the Feeds tab at the left top of your screen.
  • Scroll down past your feeds to the menu list at the bottom of the page.  Then click on Export Subscriptions.
  • Here is where my experience differed from their instructions.  I did not get the dialog box.  My file simply downloaded and then Windows told me it couldn’t open the file.
  • From here, I signed into Google Reader ( and then check out the headings).
  • Under Manage Subscriptions,  I chose Import/Export and found my file (under Downloads).

It took a few minutes but then I was done.

The screen isn’t nearly as clean as the Bloglines screen and it reset a ton of my subscriptions.  This means that things that I had already read are again marked “new” so instead of 150 pieces to catch up on, I now have 1000+.  Oh, joy.

But at least I will still have my subscriptions in just over two weeks.  Find yourself a new reader while your subscription list is still intact.