Goals: Chugging along through September

Ok, Ok.  I know I said I was going to get back to goals last week and I didn’t.  But largely it is because I was writing and needed some time to think things over.

So let’s start with the weekly word count.  I managed to pull down . . . drum roll please . . . 7518 words.  I would love to say it is all because I didn’t reduce my goal but it is also because I started a new job last week.  Give me a deadline and I meet it.  Give me a deadline on 7 different pieces and my word count climbs.

Now for my goals in general —  Monthly goals don’t seem to be working as well as weekly goals.  But I also forget more or less completely about my annual goals.  I am going to try to solve this by posting my annuals goals and my weekly goals together above me desk.

My weekly goals include:

  • Getting two manuscripts out in the mail.  I ran out of ink last week but my husband solved that problem for me.
  • Doing my blog entries
  • Writing 4 mini-prayers
  • Finishing an article for Children’s Writer that is due Wednesday
  • Finishing the 7 scripts that are due Wednesday
  • Replacing Bloglines (why and how later this week)
  • Some work on the Mo Scribbles newsletter
  • Finalize a welcome packet for church
  • Work a bit on another free lance job

Something tells me that except for the two things due Wednesday, we may be looking at a to-do list that will actually cover two weeks, but we shall see what we shall see.  If I get most of it done, my word count for next week should be quite nice.

What do these goals accomplish towards my annual goals?  Getting the two manuscripts out will get me 1/3 of  the way toward having 6 book projects out by the end of the year.  I still think this goal is do-able because I now have several projects that are close to finished.  I just need to focus on them one at a time and get them out.  When I do this — ta-da!  Goal met.

Happy writing all!