Random Acts of Publicity, Part 2

I hadn’t planned to post about this today but when I saw Darcy’s video, I just knew I had to interrupt the “scheduled programing.”

I hope that you enjoyed this explanation of what this week is all about.

Now back to what I was supposed to be writing!


Do You Wish You Had a Writing Mentor?

Do you feel like your manuscript is good but just not quite good enough?  Do you wish you had someone you could talk to about your work?  Someone who would help make it better?  Then you’re in luck.  Why?  Because you have until Sunday to enter the Missouri SCBWI mentorship program.

One Missouri SCBWI member will be selected to work with author Cindy Reeg throughout 2011 on a picture book project.


Seriously, I would love to have this opportunity.  Cindy is a top notch writer who gives the most insightful critiques.  The chance to get feedback from Cindy over the course of a full year is well worth the effort it would take to put together your application.

So if you have a picture book project that is good but somehow falls just short of being submittable, why not work up your application?  You can find details on what you need to include in your e-mail submission here.

Applications will be taken through this Sunday, 9/12.

And if you win, you’ll be thanking me.  I’m sure of it.