Random Acts of Publicity

This is one of the books I plan to blog about this week. Is the author a friend? You bet, but its also a great mystery for teen readers.

If you are a writer or illustrator, you’ve heard it before.  You are going to have to publicize your own book. Yep.  Once you find a publisher interested in your project and it comes out in print, you are going to have to help with the publicity.

Publicity is tough and many of us are much better at talking up our friends project.  Admit it.  When someone asks for gift ideas for a young reader, you are probably much more likely to push your friend’s book than your own.

Fine.  So get busy and do just that.  This week is Random Acts of Publicity Week.  Throughout this week, writer Darcy Pattison encourages members of the children’s publishing community to do whatever they can to publicize a friend’s book.

One way to do this is by word of mouth.  Darcy has a really good blog post on how to chat up someone’s book.

You can also post a review on Amazon.

Or, if you blog about books, blog about the book in question.

What other ideas can you come up with?

Remember — just listing ideas isn’t enough.  Do something today to put another book creator in front of the reading public.

Come on.

You know you want to. . .


Goals: Moving Along into September

First of all, my weekly writing goal.  Last week I managed to log 6331 words.  Wahoo!  I worked on a picture book, a host of blog posts, some short prayers, and two tutorials.

Now, I do have to admit something else.  Since I started with this weekly word count and monthly goals, I haven’t looked at my yearly goals.  Somehow, I suspect I’m pretty off where they are concerned.  How to improve this?  Well, looking at them every now and again would be a good start.  No, really?

I think it may be a bit last to do anything about that this year.

But I’ve got a plan for next year.  I am going to put my annual goals on the wall above my desk.  Beside them, I will post my monthly goals.  Beside that, my weekly goals.  Not a bad little plan if I can stick with it.

Actually, I think I’m going to see if I can get that started this month.

Now, since I’m going to try to be a bit more responsible where my goals are concerned — ahem — I’m not posting my monthly goals for September just yet.  Why?  Because we just got back into town and I’ve been running around all afternoon and this evening have to go buy a new washer.  Goals are not the first and foremost in my mind tonight.  Well, not writing goals, anyway.  Buying the new washer, on the other hand, is first and foremost.  I would very much like not having to wait 30 minutes for my wash to fill.

So I will finish this post up either tonight or tomorrow.  Until then, happy writing!