Characterization Exercise: Make a Wish

Make a Wish: What would your character wish for?

How many lists can you make for each character in your story?  These lists should be based on what your characters want.
Possibilities include:
• Name six roles your character would like to fill – team captain, head of their department, sibling.  Now write out why these roles are important to them as well as what stands in the way.
• Name six things your character would like to have – a dog, a house, a chalupa.   Why are these things important?  What will change if your character gets each one?  Doesn’t get each one?
• Name six places your character would like to go.  Are these places your character has read about?  Places they have already visited and would like to return to?  What makes these six places important?  What do they hope to find there?
• What six things does your character wish had never been invented?  What does your character dislike about these things?  Personally, I could live without those pop guns from Cabellas, cell phones (I do not always need to be accessible) and White Castles.
Start with these four prompts and then come up with a few lists of your own.  Just what you come up with will depend on the story itself.