Goals: Wrapping Up August

With only 5082 words written last week it might look a bit dismal but I’m really happy with what I accomplished.

I did some really good writing for Prayables.com.  The nonfiction picture book is about ready to go.  I’ll finish that this week.  I worked up a graphic for the biography job and I contacted a new company — I’ll be auditioning for them this week.   And I did some preliminary work on the new web site.

Given that I also had almost a day and a half of family errands, that looks really impressive to me.

This week looks pretty good for hitting 6000 words in spite of the fact that I have a business meeting tomorrow.  Since it is off-site, I’ll do my errands for the week before hand and take some writing with me too.   What will I be working on this week?

  • I need to get a bit ahead on my Prayables work.
  • I want to finish up that picture book and get it out.
  • I’ll start reworking the text for my web site.
  • And of course my blogs.

I’ll also pick my next project to work on as that picture book will be winding down.  I always have way too many choices.

I hope everyone is meeting their writing goals and making the progress they want to make!


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