July Goals: Half Way There

After two weeks where I more than met my goals, I guess it isn’t particularly surprising that I didn’t do as good last week.  I totaled 4540 words in 5 days which really isn’t too bad but it is just under 1500 words short of my weekly goal. Will try to do better this week!

I did get two queries submitted so I have one more query to go.  I also got really into one of the nonfiction picture books but made very little progress in terms of the writing.  What I did accomplish was making decisions about the shape of the book which lets me know what I need to finish researching.  I’m hoping to accomplish a lot on that this week.

It would also help if this week could be crisis free — not that last week’s crisis was truly a crisis for anyone but our son (and my bank account).  We found out that he has to get braces.  He was oh so cool in front of the doctor but oh so not cool for me that night.  Still trying to convince him that life as we know it has not come to an end.  When this is a bit further behind me, I’ll probably get an essay out of the experience  (see comment about my poor bank account).

Happy writing all!


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