Why Research Is Important

Ok, first things first.  An admission.  I did not get the computer turned off before the power went out.  Not that the storm was all that bad — rain, no wind.  But I live in an area that sometimes loses power just because.

Because we had no power, I got to roam around with no lights and there is definitely a reason that people used to go to bed at sunset.  Sure, part of it may have been the cost of candles and other light sources but I suspect that a bigger part was that said light sources aren’t all that great.

Through the course of several periods with no power, I have tried writing by oil lamp.  HA!  That’s all I have to say.  HA!

I have tried to play board games by fire light.  Again, I laugh.  Ha ha!

And I have also packed up salmon and steak to take to another freezer just blocks away where my father had power.  All those movies where they do intricate tasks by flashlight?  Note something important, there is always a sidekick to hold said flashlight.  Without a sidekick, jobs are slow and clumsy.

But if you go by what you read in spy novels or see in movies, you’d believe that you can sidestep a security system, including cameras and some kind of device at floor level, all with one flashlight, talc, and a pack of gum, no sidekick needed.

Try it before you write it.  I dare you!