Goals — Rushing Toward the End of the Month

With only a partial week still to go in June, I did really badly with my word count goals last week.  I only managed 3400 out of 6000 words.  Boo!

That said, I also spent most of one day sick in bed and had met two deadlines the week before.  I think this was necessary decompression time, so I absolutely refuse to beat myself up over it.  Why?  It won’t actually accomplish anything but create too much stomach acid — not a fabulous achievement in my world.

So instead I’m going to see what I can accomplish this week.  I’ve already logged almost 700 words so I think I might be able to hit 1000 today.

I have the geology picture book and the astronomy picture book to work on and I want to get caught up brainstorming picture book ideas.  I also have three new picture books that I want to work on.  Not that a picture book draft does a whole lot in terms of word count, but that’s what I want to do this week.  Will shall see what I manage to accomplish!

Hmm.  I may not get a full 1000 words done today.  I’m writing this Sunday evening and the sky has gone really overcast.  I hate it, HATE IT, when the power blinks and I have the computer on so I may go ahead and power down.  I’ll take the trash out first and see if it is really as awful out as it looks from just this one window.


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