Rejection Letter Blues

In spite of my wonderful Rejection Jar, some rejections still rock me back on my heels.  This one was from Highlights and part of the problem was probably the fact that I had rewritten the piece for them twice.  It had gone to committee twice.  To get so close with no sale is always worse for me than an immediate rejection.

The Rejection Jar might have helped but I had promised my son that I would do something with him.  The time was here for that something and now I was in a MOOD.  Most of the cures in the Rejection Jar require serious me time and that just wasn’t in the cards.  But then I remembered a recipe I had printed off The Koala Bear Writer blog, The Three-Minute Brownie.  Since my son wants to work on his cooking skills, this would be a perfect together-time-criminally-chocolate pick-me-up.  We made one to share and used mint-chocolate chips.




It was purely amazing.

Not that I could have eaten it all by myself without doing permanent damage but Wow.  (My friend Matt assures me that he could have eaten the whole thing by himself and he would gladly help save me from Brownie Defeat.)

Whatever your rejection letter recovery plan is, have a back up plan.  A real plan.  It might involve chocolate.  Nerf dart guns are also awesome.  Or game time.  Know what works for you under various circumstances and be ready to go with it.

Once I had a bit of warm chocolate in me, I knew what to do with the manuscript too.  I’ll look it over with the editor’s comments in hand.  I plan to see if there is another market that would be suitable.  Preferably another market that is paying writers.  Promptly.  If not, I’m going to use this nonfiction manuscript as the background for a piece of fiction.  Why?  Because the reason for writing the manuscript (cultural identity) would be amazing background for a story about a kid questioning their own identity.

Or, I could do both.  With Brownie, anything is possible.


4 thoughts on “Rejection Letter Blues

  1. Oooh, that is a tough rejection. Glad the brownie was able to help (thanks for the shout out!). And I’m glad that you have another plan for the article; that’s always tough, especially after you’ve crafted it for one article. Marketing is something I struggle with (like most writers, I think!) so good luck with it. 🙂

    1. I can only think of one writer I know who seems to enjoy marketing. I do it because I have too. Brownies in a cup? Those I make because I want to.

  2. Oh poop!!!! That is just not fair. And after all your hard work. It’s a good article and we both know it. You’ll find a market!

    1. Thank you! I can always use a wee ego boost from a talented writer! I thought it was a fab article. Apparently it wasn’t what they had hoped for. ::shrug:: But now I’m going to try working up something new for Highlights too. I didn’t want to work on two things for them at once.

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