June: Goals, Goals and More Goals

The writing went pretty well this week with 7235 words as my total.  Wahoo!  That total included blog posts and several drafts of the article that was due on Sunday.  I’ve already heard back from the editor who liked the final version but wants me to add a bit to it.

That means that my goals for this week will include:

  • Making the additions to the WOW! article.
  • Wrapping up the Missouri SCBWI newsletter.
  • Taking a packet of material for church to final.
  • My blog posts.
  • The astronomy picture book — a friend helped me figure out a much needed rewrite.
  • The picture book manuscript that I worked on at the retreat.
  • A new picture book that I want to start roughing out.

As always, it looks like a ridiculous amount when I write it down but my son has 5 – 6 hours of library programs to attend this week.  Since I don’t dump and run, that gives me some serious work time.  Wahoo!

Happy writing, everyone!


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