June: Writing Goals and Word Counts

Phew.  What a busy summer week — tennis (or something with rackets and a ball) and writing and reading and swimming and writing and a wedding and reading.  Sorry for the lack of commas but that is how the summer feels — lazy days of summer?  Not around here!

Which may be why I met my writing goal again last week — 7160 words total.  Hurray!

Today we are kicking back a little bit.  More reading and writing.  No tennis. Weeding and light housework.  Nothing huge but lots of puttering.

So what am I writing this week?  I have a writing article to turn in and another due next week so those will be my focus.  But I also want to get more done  on the two picture books that I need to turn in by August.  This of course means pulling down some reading time which will be fun.

I hope everyone else is making time to enjoy their summer while still fitting in some writing!  Find the write venue and you can write about the things you are doing with your family — check out this article by writing buddy Shannon Moore.  Way to go, Shannon!