Limber Up Those Hands

Lately I’ve had a minor hand problem — I say minor because it hasn’t required medical treatment.  I had a job that required a lot of mouse use at the same time that I was reading a lot of e-books and got a new computer game for Mother’s Day — even more mouse use.

Fortunately, school is out for the summer so I don’t have time for e-books or game time.  I am again reading paper books that I can take along to someone else’s activities.  And when I’m on the computer, I’m writing, writing, writing.  Or formatting, which does require the mouse.

Because what little time I have on here has to be productive, I’m also super aware of how my hand feels and I’m taking time to stretch, s t r e t c h, s   t   r   e   c   h.   Here are some tips on keeping your hands healthy.

The hand stretches are brought to you by Berroco knits.  Obviously, crafters use their hands as much as do computer users although I have to say that crafting (knitting and crochet) does not tend to bother my hands.  Still, as my doctor says, stretches are always good.  The stretches are also part of a product endorsement.  I know nothing about the product and just want to help keep your hands healthy.

When I was reading All Freelance Writing, I found links to a series of desk yoga videos.  Here is the one on your hands and shoulders.  Wow.  Did that feel good!

I’ll give you the others throughout the next several weeks.  I’ve found that more than one video link per post seems to bog things down or simply refuses to load.  I also hope you will take the time to try these out but don’t expect you to do 5 videos while reading this one little message.  So, try out these stretches for now and I’ll give you more later.


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