So what am I working on anyway?  The  week before last, I missed my goal. And last week?  No better.  Only  3660 words in 6 days.

But they were 3660 really good words.

I’m going to go one more week before I see if I need to adjust my weekly goal.  I’m just wondering how practical my old goal is with school out for the summer.  ::shrug::  We shall see what we shall see.

I do have three articles due this month and I really want to finish the family history freelance job, the latter of which is part of my word count problem.  I’m scanning photos and doing lay out.  Not writing.

Ah, well.

I do want to make serious progress on two picture books this month too.  With those 6 things to do, I should be getting some writing done.  6000 words/week?  That remains to be seen.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!   Our tennis is starting to look a bit more like tennis and a bit less like fetch with two humans and no dog.