Take Advantage of an Illustrator’s Perspective

Whether you write picture books or just want a creative boost, one thing I’d like to recommend to my fellow writers is to take advantage of conference sessions and other talks offered by illustrators.
If  you live in or near Springfield, Missouri there is such an opportunity coming up.
On Saturday, June 5th, the monthly meeting of the Ozark Writers and Illustrators for Children has a special speaker coming — illustrator Rich Davis.  With 9 books out, Rich can often be found speaking to children in schools and at libraries.  This is your opportunity to hear him speak to other creative professionals.
Rich had this to say about his upcoming session.
“I am excited to meet all you Missourian creative folks and to enjoy some time encouraging one another. I have noticed that writers ‘think’ in pictures just like artists . . . the way we say it is the only difference. So it is very, very easy and enjoyable to track with creative ideas and language. This will be fun! I hope the group will walk away saying, ‘Boy, did I get some ideas . . . I’ve got a lot of work to do!'”
Rich is someone that I’ve corresponded with through SCBWI.  I’m also a  reader of his blog .  If you have an opportunity to take advantage of this meeting, do yourself a favor.  Go!   You won’t regret it.
When:  June 5th from 9:00-11:00am
Where: The Story Room, The Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expy, Springfield, Missouri
Details from Naomi Shaw:  “We have offered to cover Rich’s expenses for traveling from a far-away place. To help us, we will be taking up a little offering. Anyone who can give $10.00 to help pay his way will receive Rich’s wildly popular game, Pick and Draw. You can check it out at the website above. There will be coffee and snacks. Please come, bring a friend, and join us in welcoming this creative neighbor!  Please RSVP. We want to have a chair for you. A critique session will follow.”
RSVP to organizer Naomi Shaw (providencepark@wildblue.net).
Sighing in frustration because she lives too far away to attend!