Goals: May, the Month is Almost Over

Confession — I only managed to write 2173 words last week.  Pathetic!  I did better than that when I was sick in bed.

But last week was one of those weeks where every project was a struggle and nothing came together, until Thursday.  That’s was when I dummied my astronomy picture book.  Some manuscripts simply must be dummied to make sense.  Please oh please let me find an editor who understands that!

So how are things going so far this week?

The contractors are here putting in a new front door and new back door.  It must be going just dandy because the dialog just went PG-13.  Apparently something is not coming out of the old hole as easily as Mr. Pro expected.  Which is so why we are paying him instead of doing it ourselves.

The phone isn’t working.  So if you need to reach me, e-mail me.  The DSL is working but not the phone.  Strictly speaking, that doesn’t make sense but it is my life so we left a service call with the phone company.  They won’t take a cell number as an alternate contact number although they also provide the cell phones.

School gets out on Wednesday.  Wednesday at noon.  Gotta love that.

Hmm.  Both contractors are now at the front door.  I should probably go apologize for sucking the poor men into my universe.    It sounds like they may be prevailing.  Maybe.

Anyway, my hopes for this week include —

  • Rewriting the dummy of the picture book.  My critique group gave it a thorough going over now that it is in a form that makes sense to readers.
  • Researching the second nonfiction picture book — this one is on animals.
  • Tying up interviews for one CW article.
  • Starting to pull in interviews for the other CW article.
  • Getting a few pages done on the ghosting project so he knows I’m not ignoring him.
  • Maybe just maybe starting a new picture book in my bountiful spare time.  Ha!

Wish me luck!  Have you ever tried to write while someone is yanking out your front door?


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