April Goals: Just one week remains

Remember how I fussed last week that I just didn’t know how I would fit all my work into a 3 day work week?  I didn’t have to find out.  My son came home sick from school at noon Monday and spent all week right here.

Yep.  I whined and the Universal Ironic kicked in.  I had a 4 day work week with a sick kid.

Not that that’s an excuse for not writing.  I still managed 6398 words:

  • I completed a set of activities for Gryphon House.
  • I started the pieces that Education.com requested.
  • I rewrote my review for the Post.
  • I brainstormed some new picture book ideas.
  • And I played with a few other things that didn’t go anywhere impressive.

I have plenty to get done this week too.

  • More work on the Education.com pieces.
  • Prewriting work on some more Children’s Writer material.
  • More brainstorming.
  • Do some more research for the picture book I worked on at the retreat with Randi Rivers.
  • Dummy the picture book that I took through small group critique at the retreat.
  • Start rewriting and formatting the family history I’ve been contracted to write.

Something tells me that I’ll be pretty busy but one way or another I’ll work it in.  How are you doing with your goals?


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