Bidding Your Way to a Top Notch Trailer — An Interview with Marlene Perez

As you know, book trailers fascinate me.   I’m always amazed by the creative ways that authors get the point of their book across visually.  How do they do it?

When I heard that Marlene Perez had won a bid to have a trailer made for Dead Is Just a Rumor, I clicked over to Youtube to check it out.

As I watched, I wondered how much input Marlene had had.  What did she think of the finished product?  And, me being me, I contacted her to find out. She agreed to do an interview so that you could all share in our conversation.

SueBE:  You have a trailer available for your upcoming novel, the 4th book in your Dead Is series.   Had you been planning to do a trailer?  How did this one come about?

Marlene Perez:  A book trailer had been on my mind for a long while, but I’d been focusing on writing. I had a big productive period of writing and published five books in 2008 and 2009, with two more to follow in 2010 and 2011, so I had tight deadlines. I had a tiny bit of a breather between the 4th and 5th DEAD Is book and so was goofing around on Facebook.  I just happened to see an announcement from Kimberly Pauley about a fundraiser auction on her review site YA Books Central and one of the auction items was a book trailer from Nowicki Productions. I zipped in and placed a bid right before the auction closed.
SueBE:  What about it best captures the essence of your novel?
Marlene Perez:  Everything! Nowicki Productions nailed it! I think the spooky fun tone and the jukebox was essential. And I loved that Marianne included Balthazar the pig in the montage of suspects. That made me giggle. She also found just the right music. Anyone who reads the DEAD Is series will realize that I’m addicted to music, although I can’t sing a note or play a tune. The right music for the trailer was crucial.
SueBE:  What advice do you have for authors who would like to do a trailer?
Marlene Perez:  Watch as many trailers as you can, think about what you want the book trailer to do for you/your book, and if aren’t a techie, think about having it professionally done. Nowicki Productions had the answers to questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask.
A special thanks to Marlene for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with her books — get busy reading!   Marlene is the author of Love in the Corner Pocket (Scholastic/Point, Summer 2008),  Dead is the New Black (Harcourt, Sept 08), Dead is a State of Mind (HM Harcourt, Jan 09), Dead is So Last Year (HM Harcourt, May 09) and The Comeback  (Scholastic/Point, August 09).

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