April Goals: Two Weeks In

Wow. What a week!   My 6000/week goal yielded 9778 words.  It isn’t hard to do when you:

  • Write a presentation.
  • Draft 19 preschool activities.  Twice.
  • Take an article to final which means another very serious rewrite.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to accomplish nearly as much this week.  On Tuesday, I’m accompanying 90 5th graders to our state capital.  While I’m happy my son actually begged me to go and that I found another Mom to carpool with . . . 90 5th graders.  90.  Wow.  I’m sure to come through it with an idea or 12 and I have a mini-notebook in my purse but it is a 12 hour trip.  Obviously, not much will be accomplished that day.

I also have a writer’s retreat this weekend and I’m leaving early Friday.

All in all, that means that I have a three day workweek.  Three days.  What are the chances that I’m going to write 2000/day?  Not impossible but not something I manage very often either.

This week I am going to:

  • Make one more pass through those 19 activities and turn them in.
  • Update and resubmit a roundup review.
  • Brain storm some more pb ideas.  Cause I simply DO NOT have enough writing projects.  ::snicker::
  • Write a query for critique at the retreat (I already have the ms to accompany the query done).
  • Come up with another ms, maybe new, maybe not, for the retreat.
  • Write a quick newsletter article.

Hmm.  That looks like a lot for three days but the reality is that it all (and a bit more) needs to get done.  Guess I better fly!


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