March — Nearing the End

Believe it or not, I managed to make my 6000 word goal!  Last week was Spring Break and I still wrote 6015 words.

  • I roughed out about 1/3 of a new picture book sitting beside the lake while he and his father fished.
  • I roughed out two new Prayables after we got back into town.
  • I wrote two drafts of an article for Children’s Writer.
  • I worked on my pitch.

I should be able to hit 6000 words this week because I have plenty to do.

I want to:

  • Finish drafting the picture book.
  • Submit the Prayables.
  • Finish my pitches for
  • Work up at least 5 pieces for Gryphon House.
  • Work on the Children’s Writer piece.
  • Finish this next draft of the welcome packet for church.
  • Rewrite at least one picture book using feedback from Agent’s Day.
  • Get going again on my YA.

It may be a lot, but it should all be doable since none of it is particularly long.  That said, writing short sometimes takes a lot more time than writing long.

Did my son inspire anything new?  Quite possibly an essay.  And maybe another couple of things once it all percolates.

I hope everyone else is meeting their work goals.