Some Days Just Sing

Dad recently gave me this 1948 edition which belonged to my mom.

Have you ever had a writing day that just seemed to sing?

Friday, the words came with ease or at least a lot easier than they had come together on Thursday.  Maybe it was because a friend called to see if my son and I were busy.  Her daughter wanted a “play date” and to go out to lunch with us.  Doesn’t it feel great to be wanted?  I say “play date” because said daughter is 2 years-old, compared to my son’s 11, but she thinks he is just the coolest thing and he returns her adoration.

Thinking about the fun we’d have together probably helped boost my energy, but I also had quite a boost in my in-box Friday morning. One of my Prayables, “Digging Out,” was the daily ePrayable, sent out to all subscribers.  My editor included a very upbeat and awesome bio with a link to my blog.  Is it a coincidence that my blog  saw a nice upswing in traffic on Friday?  I think not.  But, I’m not so vain that I subscribed to the daily ePrayable just to get my own work.  The biggest joy so far came when I got a Prayable written by another author, a fellow member of the PrayMaker Council.  It made me catch my breath.  “She’s reading my mind!”

As much as I love seeing my own work in print, I get an almost equal charge when I find a friend’s work in something that I subscribe to, whether it is an e-mail update, an e-zine or a print newsletter.  “I know her.  Isn’t this great!”  Then I merrily return to my keyboard knowing that our work really does go out there to eager readers, readers just like me.

Spend time with someone who makes life fun.  Stroke your ego a bit my checking out your own work in print.  Or read that article written by a member of your critique group.  Find something that makes the creative energy sing through your veins.  You’ll feel better for the effort and your writing will flow.