March Goals, Week 3

Last week, heading into Agent’s Day, was super hectic.  If it wasn’t for the 6000 words/week goal, I probably would have slacked.  As it was, even without any writing time on Saturday (Agent’s Day), I managed 6135 words.

This past week I:

  • Wrote a poem.
  • Worked on my YA novel.
  • Finished my list of pitch ideas for and started fleshing them out.
  • Started my list of ideas for Gryphon House.
  • Finished a first draft of the Welcome Packet for Church.
  • Finished half a Finnish lesson.
  • Wrapped up the newsletter and sent it out for approval.

In terms of non-writing goals, my husband finished the new shelves for my office and got them hung while I was at Agent’s Day on Saturday.  This week I’ll be trying to pick up a little in here.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this week will be nearly as productive as last in terms of writing.  I’d like to manage 6000 words but it is SPRING BREAK.  If my son occupies himself, which he is excellent at doing, I will write.  If he wants a wii partner or someone for a Nerf battle (I have my own 6 shooter), I will take advantage of the distraction.  After all, he’ll probably give me a few new story ideas.  He always does!  And I can’t think of one good reason not to have some fun this week.