Send the very beginning. . .

Whether you are submitting 5 pages, 500 words or the first chapter with a query to an agent or for a conference critique session, send the very beginning.

The beginning.

Chapter 1.

Page 1.


Do not send chapter 2 because that’s when things pick up.  Do not send the climax.

Send the beginning.

What?  You don’t want to send it because it isn’t that good?   Then fix it.

Because if you start with anything other than the beginning, the editor, agent or critiquer will wonder why.  What is so bad about the beginning of your manuscript that you don’t want them to see it?

The beginning of your manuscript needs to hook your reader.  When you send a query or a submission or a critique, you need to hook your reader with  a small part of the whole.  You want to entice them to ask for more. If the beginning of your manuscript doesn’t have a good hook, then we both know what it is that you need to work on.

Because what they want to see is the beginning.