March Goals — Week 2

I have to tell you — that 6000 word a week goal can sure get you off your keister when you don’t feel like writing.   This week, I totalled in at 6,483 words.

  • I worked on my pitch for
  • Wrote a poem.
  • Did some of the reading for my nonfiction picture book.
  • Finished and submitted the book review.
  • Tried to work on the welcome packet but discovered I couldn’t open the file.
  • Finished editing the newsletter.
  • Started writing a new YA.

This coming week I want to:

  • Write another poem.
  • Really get back to the Finnish.
  • Work on the YA novel.
  • Work on two of the CW pieces.
  • Put the graphics in the newsletter.
  • Work on the welcome packet.
  • Work on the pitch.
  • Work on some new pieces for Gryphon House.

That should be more than enough to bring in 6000 words for the week!  I hope everyone else is doing well on their goals!