Links to some of my work

Some more of my work is on-line so I thought I’d take a break from writing query letters and post the links.

First are two pieces on

  • “Sparkle Eggs: Spice Up Easter!” is good craft for an artistic older child who doesn’t want to dye eggs but wants to do something Easter related.  We use them as a center piece every spring.
  • “Make Plastic Bottle Boats” is a good one for when the weather warms up.   Since I live in “man land,” I had to borrow two dolls from my niece for the photo on this one.

I also did an interview with YA author Simone Elkeles.  Since her novels always have a strong romance element, it was perfect for the February, romance-themed, issue of WOW! Women on Writing.

Now, back to writing query letters!