Save the Words

Oxford Fajar, a subsidiary of Oxford University Press, has created Save The Words.  The purpose of this site is to showcase words that are no longer commonly used.

Want to adopt an endangered word?  Revive a threatened word that deserves a second chance?  All that and more is yours at Save the Words.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Senticous:  Can you find a word that sounds less prickly or thorny than this one?
  • Siagonology:  Shouldn’t you create a character that is a student of the study of jaw bones?
  • Nubivigant:  Doesn’t your fantasy need a cryptid that flies among the clouds?
  • Divinipotent:  And perhaps it could have strong powers of divination?
  • Vectarious:   Possibly the plot hinges on this character finding something that belongs to a wagon or carriage.
  • Xenization:  And the mystery can only be solved if the character travels as a stranger. I really wonder about a whole society using that word.
  • Oporoporist:  Although it could give your character the opportunity to pose as a fruit seller. Not to be confused with a fruit cellar.
  • Ten-Cent Store:  This one surprised me because I knew it where I didn’ t know the others although my grandmother called it a dime store.  Think a store that sells small items for a dime.

I think I may be inspired to create a character who simply loves archaic words.   Cause I need a homeless character without a plot to call their own, don’t you know.

Thank you to Adam Cohen of Winning Writers for bringing this site to my attention.