March Goals — Week 1

The 6000 word/week goal came together nicely — I managed just over 6000 words.   That said, I think I’m going to have to do a bit better in the weeks to come if I’m going to meet my March goals.

Why?  Because I had to add two more to the list:

  • Pitch a new batch of activities to
  • Start work on my April piece for Children’s Writer.  My editor got back to me on a pitch I made earlier and the first deadline is next month.  Most of the pieces she asked me for are craft columns vs my normal lead pieces so I’ll get to flex my writing muscle and try something a bit new.

How did my general March goals go?

  • I wrote up my new set of Prayables.
  • I finished up the labyrinth brochure and am ready to start drafting the welcome packet.
  • I did some work on the YA novel — not serious chapter writing but making a list of things that have to happen.
  • I roughed my book review.
  • I worked on the first 1/3 of the newsletter.
  • I did some of the research on one of the 5 picture books.

I didn’t get around to my Finnish lesson or my poem for the week but my husband was home sick one day and I had to prep for a birthday party.  Fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy next week!  Speaking of which, my goals for next week include:

  • Doing a Finnish lesson.
  • Roughing at least one poem.
  • More research on the picture book and maybe an outline for one of the fiction picture books (so that I know what to research for that one).
  • Work on the welcome packet.
  • Brainstorm ideas for the essay.
  • More work on the newsletter.
  • Finish up the book review.

That should be enough to keep me busy for 5 days and help me meet that word count.

Hope everyone is doing well with their goals!