A Free Writer’s Workshop

I’ve started this post no less than 4 times.
Whether you are writing a novel, a picture book or a how-to, getting the beginning right is vital.  Drag along and you lose your reader.  Jump into things too quickly and you confuse your reader.
Starting things right is tough but vital and that will be the topic of the next free writing workshop that I am leading in Florissant, Mo.  Details here.
We’ll be meeting on April 17, 2010 from 10 am until noon at Florissant Presbyterian Church.
I’ll start the session out with a discussion of what makes a good beginning and why, supported with examples from published work (not nec. my own).  Then I’ll give people the opportunity to get involved by sharing the first page (250 words) of one or more works in progress.  Not sure you’re up for a public discussion?  Not to worry!   We’ll be prepared for that too.
Come with your coffee, a notebook and one or more beginnings but be sure to RSVP to the church secretary, Jessica at 314-837-8555.
Let me know if you have any questions!

2 thoughts on “A Free Writer’s Workshop

    1. You could bring nonfiction or nothing at all. I know that some people just need to get a feel for how these kinds of events before they can share their own work. And others are still working up to writing that full page. We would love to have you wherever you are on the spectrum!

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