Patience Pays Off

Hip hip hooray for my writing buddy Kristin Wolden Nitz.  Kris got word that her YA mystery will be released this October.   See the details, including the publisher’s book description on Kris’s blog.

A bit part of writing is rewriting and Kris is one of those writers who proves this point.  As is often the case, the editor didn’t accept Suspect, her YA mystery, as is.  Kris had to rewrite the first chapter because it started too slowly.   She also introduced a number of characters, so many that the readers were confused.  She added two new chapters.  She also had to tweak a character that readers in her critique group hadn’t reacted to the way she had hoped.

Sound like a lot?  It was and it took Kris some serious writing time to accomplish it all.  And then, just to make sure she had it right, she read the whole thing out loud.  Out loud.  All  51,000 words.

Hats off to Kris!  Thanks for being a good example of just what a determined writer can accomplish.