A New Venture

Just over two months ago, I mentioned getting a job on Christmas Eve.

I almost didn’t apply when I saw the ad calling for women to write prayers for people of all faiths.  Fortunately, my husband and son encouraged me to give it a try. By Christmas Eve, I had a response and since then have been writing for a new prayer venture called  prayables.com (link here).   Since they are part of the brand, I’ve gotten as close as possible to the various colors used in the site name.

In short, it is an interfaith site dedicated to prayer.  Prayers will be available through various electronic applications to encourage women to make prayer part of their daily life.  They even have videos on You tube.  Here is one based on one of my Prayables.

And also the the link to the Prayables Channel.

Seven of us make up the Praymakers Council.  We come from all over the US and represent a variety of faith backgrounds.  You can link to my prayers here.  But do take some times and look around.  These are some talented writers and their work constantly amazes me.   I still can’t believe that I’m part of this group as I’m in awe of the women involved.

I hope everyone else has been working on a project that leaves them as charged and encouraged as this one leaves me.