Goals: February Wrap-Up and Looking Into March

The 6000 word goal for the week came together nicely with 6100 words totaled up on the last line of my February calendar.

In pulling together 6100 words, these are the projects I worked on:

  • A really solid draft of the labyrinth handout.
  • A sample that I turned in today — an application for a new job.
  • My last February assignment for the new venture.

Not a great list of accomplishments for the week but not bad since I had feverish kiddo home for 2+ days.  That said I spent most of time in those 2+ days as “mom and playmate” and am now an accomplished driver on Speed Racer for the Wii.

The one thing that worries me is that I keep putting off book goals — no deadlines there so they are way too easy to ignore.  For March I’m going to try to highlight one project a week as a focus.  I’ll see if that helps.

Thus my goals for March are:

  • To keep working on my Finnish.
  • To keep working with my poetry.
  • To keep working on my office.  My excuse has been that the shelves aren’t up yet but that doesn’t really explain the deteriorating condition of my desk.  Ahem.
  • To write and submit a piece for the Cup of Comfort love story contest.
  • To draft the new welcome packet for church.  I’m working on it with someone else so that’s going to be a nice change.
  • To write and submit a book review to the local paper.
  • To work on 5 different picture books at various stages of completion.
  • To do the reading for another book project and maybe write a few scenes.
  • To keep doing my assignments for the new venture which I will high light tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is making progress on their various goals.