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December 31, 2009

A New Year

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As we near the end of December, we inevitably near the end of another year.  Have you accomplished your goals for the year?  I haven’t looked at my goals for 2009 for quite some time.  Late this summer my writer’s group, the Ladies of the Gordian Knot, decided to set monthly/weekly goals as a group.

Ok, I confess.  I’m the only one setting monthly goals.  Four weeks gives me some wiggle room in case I get a new job.  Remember, jobs strike when you least expect them.  Like Christmas Eve.  Seriously.  I applied for a position late evening of 12/23 and by the morning of Christmas Eve there was an acceptance in my in-box.  Since I look forward to the occasional surprise acceptance, I prefer the flexibility of monthly goals.  Still, I do tend to aim a bit too high judging by what I don’t accomplish.

Here are some things I try to remember when setting goals:

1.  Make sure they are manageable.  Don’t decide you can write a novel in a month if you can’t get a page written a day.

2.  Make sure they are something you have control over.  You can’t control whether or not you sell a novel in 2010 but you can make sure you submit it.

3.  If your goal encompasses a habit, work on one at a time.  Remember it takes about 7 weeks to develop a habit.  It is also easiest if you focus on one at a time so don’t plan to develop 10 fabulous new writing habits in 2010.

I’m not sure yet what my goals will be.  I want to work on improving some of my work habits (putting things away as I print them, writing first/e-mail and blogging second).  But I also want to set some goals in terms of specific (why is that still on my desk) projects.  I may take a few days to noodle this over because I want my goals to suit me and how I work and think.  That way I’ll have a much better chance of success.

Keep safe and have a Happy New Year’s Eve.  I’ll see you all on Monday, January 4th.  Hopefully, I’ll have a new set of goals in hand.


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