Special thanks to Writing World for bringing this particular market to my attention.

A new book publisher, Dream of Things, is looking for piece to fill books on the following topics:

  • Making Waves — Stories About People Who Inspire and Motivate Us
  • The Holiday Season
  • Contest: Great Customer Service Stories
  • Stories of Forgiveness
  • Internet Dating Stories
  • Stories That Exemplify Teamwork
  • Stories About Great Teachers
  • Stories About Other Role Models
  • Stories That Exemplify Leadership
  • Awe-Inspiring Travel Stories
  • Humorous Travel Stories
  • It’s Only a Game — Lessons Learned from Playing/Coaching Sports
  • Advice You’d Like to Pass On to Others
  • Cubicle Stories — Life in the Modern Workplace
  • They are currently updating their site so I couldn’t find payment information but here is the link to information on their various projects. Take the time to look around and you’ll find examples of what they like.

    Good luck!


    2 thoughts on “Market

    1. Hi SueBE! Thanks so much for sharing information about Dream of Things. I recently updated payment information. Authors can visit for full details, but here’s a recap: Dream of Things pays a 15% royalty on hardback books, a 10% royalty on trade paperback books, and a 20-40% royalty on electronic books (depending on the sales channel). For anthologies, Dream of Things purchases one-time rights. Royalties are paid quarterly. Each author’s share of the royalties is prorated based on word count. (Example: If you contribute a 2,000-word story to a 40,000-word book, you will receive 5% of the royalties for that book.) Authors also receive five free copies upon publication, and a 50% discount on additional copies. -Mike O’Mary, founding dreamer,

      1. Mike–
        Thank you for letting us know the details and thank you for taking on such a project!

        Here are the details from Dreamer Mike O’Mary. Take a look at what they’re doing because there’s a really awesome variety of topics.


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