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December 28, 2009

A Cure for Writer’s Block

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I'm the one on the far right with the orange sled. Admission: I am not writing. My butt is not in a chair of any kind although that would have been much warmer.

Whenever you tell writers that you have writer’s block, they share their tried and true methods for getting back to writing.  The advice offered most often is “butt in chair.”  In other words, put your butt in your chair and write.

I may be one of the few writers who will tell you to go have some fun.  Recharge.  Live.  Do.

Then write.

Really.  9 times out of 10 your computer will still be there.

Writing is one of those jobs that will be all consuming if you let it.  I thought of that recently when I read a fellow writer’s blog — I just love productive down time, she wrote.

Hmm.  But is that really down time?  Sure, sometimes I write when I’m on vacation, but more often lately I leave my work at home.  When I got a new computer, I bought a desk top just so that I couldn’t take it with me.

Especially if your family has time off this holiday season, take time to do other things.  You’ll be recharged and ready to write when they all go back to work or to school.   And you’ll be glad for the experiences that can now fuel your writing.


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