How do you react when a new opportunity comes your way?   Do you shake your head and sigh when you see a market listing?

“I only write fiction, not nonfiction.”

“I like to read historic fiction, but it’s too much work.  I only write contemporary.”

Maybe what you need to do to enliven your writing in 2010 is to try something completely new.   Write an essay.   Try first person if you normally write in third.  Maybe the research you did for your novel could feed into a magazine article.

Just because you’ve never done something before, doesn’t make it impossible.  Give it a try.  A few little actions can add up to something big.  Check out the video below to see what happened when someone thought outside of the typical “performance” box.


2 thoughts on “Innovation

  1. Isn’t it just amazing? Who would think you could do something like that snapping and stomping and rubbing your hands together? Wow.

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