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December 7, 2009

Goals: How’s December Going?

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Several lists I’m on have had a rash of messages on how to find time to write in December.   For my part, I’m trying deadlines and goals.  So how’d I do?

I’m almost done with the pieces for the education job.  Good thing since they’re due today!   I rewrote them over the weekend and my husband proofed them.  Today I’ll make the changes he spotted and read through it all again, out loud this time.  And I have to crop the photos then get it all bundled up and e-mailed out.

I also did a rewrite of the Sylvan Dell picture book last week.  I’ll do another rewrite on that this week.

Then I’ll work on the chapter book rewrite.

That may be all I accomplish but I want to get two submissions out by the end of next week.  If I can do it this week, so much the better.

I also want to catch up on my e-mail.  Fingers crossed!


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