Give Thanks for Innovative Ways to Connect Kids and Books

I am grateful whenever someone does something creative to help kids connect with good books. Thank you to Donna Bateman for bringing “A Story Before Bed” to my attention.

This company let’s you record a bedtime story, selecting from a number of books including Donna’s Deep in the Swamp and Jeanie Franz Ransom‘s What Really Happened to Humpty Dumpty. These ladies are part of my Gordian Knot critique group and their books are both with Charlesbridge.

A Story Before Bed advertises their service as one that enables you to read a bedtime story to your child or grandchild even when you cannot be together.  What an opportunity when you are on the road, deployed overseas or live in a different part of the country.  My mother-in-law used to send my son books for Christmas along with a tape of herself reading them.  This company makes the technology just a bit easier.

And for that, I thank them!