Give Thanks for Paper Engineering

Paper engineering fascinates me.  I’ve even managed a couple of simple pieces.

By far my favorite paper engineer is Robert Sabuda.   If you ever get the chance to hear him speak in person, take it!   Until you have that opportunity, check out this video.  You’ll have to copy and paste the URL since I can’t embed a Wall Street Journal video.  Just watching this makes me want to run down to Main Street Books and get one of his books!

Then I found this awesome trailer on the blog of  agent Janet Reid .  Pop-up style art finds stop motion video.  Awesome!  If they’re doing this kind of work in New Zealand to support their authors, I may be packing my bags!


Give Thanks for Our Ability to Laugh

What am I thankful for?   I’m not only thankful for the fact that I get to work in an industry I love, I’m thankful that writers possess the ability to laugh at ourselves and what we do.

In that spirit, check out “Tom’s Glossary of Book Publishing Terms.”  This dictionary is full of humorous takes on various elements of the business from Galleys to Letterhead and Trade Paperbacks to Self-Publishing.

Deadline:  Something that virtually assures a day composed of computer problems.

Submission:  The step that must be taken before that embarrassing typos reveal themselves.

Working from Home:  A process which makes you the easiest person in the family to find in the event of a non-emergency.

Any one else care to write one?

Thank you to agent  Janet Reid for blogging about Tom’s Glossary.