Book Sale and Craft Fair

Being able to request library books and buy books on-line has cut down on something that I truly love to do — browse through books.  What treasures will I find if I give myself the time to poke through stacks and shelves of books?

Here are two of the treasures I found at our church craft fair and book sale a few years ago.


The top image is Character Sketches of Romance Fiction and Drama, published in 1892.

The lower image is a bound series of Harper’s magazine, 1855.

They were both donated when a member had to sort through her mother’s library and estate.  The bindings are virtually non-existent so no dealer would touch them, but for a book hungry writer and historian they were a must have.



(That was for my husband just in case I come home with something new this weekend.)

If you have some free time Saturday, why not drop by Florissant Presbyterian Church sometimes between 9 am and 3 pm. You never know what we might have and there’s always  something interesting.

Unless I beat you to it!


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